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The Wagabond Chefs

A brainchild of Tanya Kane and Surabhi Ganguly is a cooking partnership involved in food, sustainability and living a life closer to nature. Realising that the new generation of children and adolescents are adopting increasingly unhealthy food trends, The Wagabond Chefs decided to create fusion flavours that excites children & adults. Health and environment play off one another, and food habits is a defining factor from both points of view, which is why they specially concentrate on creating food that is healthy, local and intriguing to younger audiences. In their quest to look for best of ingredients, they travelled back to the beginning of every food journey – the farms!

Over time, they have reached out to a large number of organic / chemical-free farmers and sustainable food and lifestyle product makers, to bring them together by creating neighbourhood “Organic and Sustainable markets” in Pune. Their community building initiative has grown every month, with more vendors and consumers coming on board time after time. They create number of programs to connect people to the farmers; like ‘The Farm Feast’, where people get an exclusive tour of an organic farm, and can enjoy a custom meal from locally sourced ingredients.

Dr. Pankaj Patil: Karve Nagar

I wanted to share my fresh experience; a customer of ONEST organic food and vegetables. I have a European female patient of 68 years for Panchakarma treatments. As a part of treatment , I was providing her diet from my home kitchen. In 3 weeks of diet; cooked with organic products and all fruits and veggies, I got a very good success in treating this patient and she could not only believe but also very confident about the positive change in her health. I must say thanks Ajit for providing this facility to get fresh and organic products . The whole world is now follower of Vegan and I am often seeing and eating in vegan restaurants in Europe . How important it is to be fit and fresh. I wish Ajit and his team all the best for such activities and in future we can create more and more such healthy activities. Eat green and live green !

Madhuri Mahadik (Pune)

Appearances are deceptive. It’s true even for veg & fruits. Perfect sized gourds or beans may catch our eyes but it’s likely that our tongue is unhappy and health is in danger. I learned this after I started buying organic stuff from ONEST- organic suppliers in Pune. Other than the rich nutritious values, the very taste of fruits & veg brings back the old memories for 50+ generation who were lucky enough to cherish these in their childhood.

Ranjan Belkhode, Apte Road- Pune

I am eating Organic vegetables because Organic is healthy for body. It’s kind of future investment for me and my family. After all, Health is Wealth.


Hemali Bhatiya

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