Does the amount of pesticide in your food concerns you?

Do you want to claim your health by food, not medicine?

Do you want to do something to save our soil and environment?

Do you want to support organic farmers- growers of safe nutritious food ?

If yes, here is your chance to contribute by joining the Annadata – Citizens Movement for Safe Food. Upcoming “Annadata organic food festival” is an all volunteer organized event.

All citizens are invited to contribute in the way they want.

Its a citizen’s movement initiated by like-minded people having sense of responsibility towards farmers, mother nature and our future generation. Team members are giving their heart and soul to support organic farmers produce from around Pune in Annadata Food Festival. Selected by strict selection guidelines for authenticity, these organic farmers need your support to create demand and awareness about why support safe food.


Gains to Volunteers

  1. Volunteers will be awarded an appreciation certificate.
  2. Network with like inspirational / high – spirited people.
  3. Internship opportunities with associated organizations
  4. A volunteer organization can also become an associate and be promoted in all media.
  5. Experience to manage a large scale event and a citizen’s movement.

Volunteer for the safe food movement!

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Volunteering Areas:

1. Event Management – Annadata Food festival will be a part of Bhimthadi Jatra from 22-25th Dec at Pune. We need volunteers to assist farmers in managing their stalls and also at food stalls to serve the huge crowd visiting the jatra. The Safe food knowledge zone created within the festival too needs volunteers to explain the concepts to the visitors.

2. Fund Raising – For the Bhimthadi event and for the movement to reach out to masses, we need Funds; Sponsorships or crowdfunding. Every single rupee donated will give multi-fold boost to this movement and all donations will be made transparent to citizens. Vanrai have agreed to manage the donations and donations to Vanrai are valid for 80G exemptions

3. Graphic / Creative designers – To communicate the ideologies of this movement and reach out to the masses in simple, graphical forms online as well as offline

4. Content writers / Translators – News-clips, research notes, consumer and expert views often expressed in raw video / text forms need to be rewritten in simple ways to connect to common man, in many languages primarily English, Hindi, Marathi

5. Promotion / Outreach – A movement is successful when citizens participate wholeheartedly and consistently. Hence, various promotional events and outreach ideas need to be planned and executed

6. Videographers – Throughout the movement we need good videos of Farmers, consumers and experts who can become an inspiration to increase the demand for Safe Food.


QUOTE-We are aware that- “Volunteers are not paid because their work is priceless”

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