Vanarai is a well-known voluntary organization founded by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Mohan Dharia in 1986, which has succeeded in making – clean, green, self-reliant villages. Mahatma Gandhiji’s thought of ‘Go back to villages’ has been made a reality by Vanarai with their efforts to reverse the migration of villagers from cities to villages by giving them better living conditions and sustainable livelihood.

Vanarai Bunds, one of our well known innovation, have revolutionized the country with its simple and cost effective method of conserving water. Eco-Clubs have inculcated the culture of loving and caring of nature amongst thousands of school children. Vanarai publishes an array of informative books, booklets, documentary films and monthly Marathi magazine dedicated to Sustainable Rural Development and Environment.

Poorna Pune

Poorna Pune is not an organisation. It is a :

1) Vision for a sustainable, compassionate , healthy and thriving Pune where all are Change-makers/ Wholesome Leaders ; and

2) Name and Logo  for a common  platform and Network of many organisations who connect, collaborate and co-create.

Poorna Pune is a Pune that is  Swasth, Samruddh, Swachh and Surakshit.

Currently, Pragati Foundation is HOSTING Poorna Pune. Other organizations are welcome to host and nourish the vision.The role of the HOSTING Organisation is to Enable and Catalyse the unfolding of Pune as the world’s most Compassionate and Wholesome City.

Poorna Pune is registered as a Compassionate City on the  Global Compassionate Cities  Network.

Vasundhara Swachhata Abhiyaan

Vasundhara swachhata Abhiyaan or Clean Earth movement was started as a people’s movement in 2006 at Baner with the aim to combat global warming and climate change. Shri Anil Gaikwad was the driving force and brain behind the movement. Many like-minded people later joined; committing just one hour a week for the cause of Tree plantation and conservation, River cleaning, Water and Wild life conservation, anti-plastic bag awareness, saving honey bees, natural farming and many more causes and the movement grew leaps and bounds.

Through participation in Safe food movement this group would unite all NGOs and conscious citizens working in different fields for one great cause. What could be a more rewarding experience than uniting the Annagrahak and Annadata for a common cause ultimately leading to a safe environment.

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Sustainable Living Store

SLIS : *Sustainable Living Integrated Solutions* is a private limited company which is mother entity registered officially for entire Sustainable Concept. It integrates products, services, education & Sustainable Concept in totality. It represents community of service and product providers, integrates them to offer complete solutions for sustainability.

Ecological Society

Ecological Society is doing a pioneering work in the fields of ecological planning, eco-restoration and eco-education for the past 35 years. The Society was founded by Late Prakash Gole in 1982. Society conducts one year part time Diploma in Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development.



Jeevitnadi advocates ‘Go Organic!’ mantra. If people start leading toxin-free lifestyle and farmers start adopting organic or natural farming practices, then it will be easily possible for all of us to restore the rivers which are our lifelines.

Jeevitnadi aims at involving people in various river-related initiatives.

Raising public awareness and participation, eliminating causes of pollution through toxin-free lifestyle, developing scientific and ecological management plan for revival of river and its sustainability are tools adopted in achieving this vision.


Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL)

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) is a company promoted by Higher and Technical Education Department of Government of Maharashtra.
‘Creating a knowledge-led economy and knowledge-based societies in the world is a key to survival and development of people in the emerging knowledge era’ is a transformative agenda of MKCL.
MKCL believes that there exists a great potential in our society to emerge as a knowledge-led economy due to its large but latent talent pool of young population.

The challenge exists, however, in transforming its predominantly agrarian or industrial economy into a new knowledge-led economy by developing its talent pool in right direction.

We have been trying to explore solutions for sustainable and profitable agriculture by working with several groups of experimental farmers. Based our experience we have listed down following points to achieve our objective-
1. To change the perspective and practices in present day agriculture.
2. To use collaborative approach to solve issues related to agriculture and allied areas at village
level only.
3. To create a healthy ‘PULL’ mechanism from actual consumers so as to sustain the
transformative agenda.

We believe that a citizen’s movement for safe food is necessary to create such a “PULL.” We would focus on creating linkages of consumers and farmer’s to make agriculture practice more economical and sustainable.

MKCL would continue to support the citizen’s movements in its capacity as Knowledge Partner.


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