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Internet Banking

Contributions can be made to this bank account:
Name: Vanarai
Bank: Axis Bank, Sahakar Nagar Pune branch
IFSC code: UTIB0000350
A/C No: 350010100044998
All donations will be exempted under Sec. 80G of the income tax act.

Please email us a screenshot or receipt of the transaction on after making the transfer. Please share your necessary details in the email for 80G processing.

Appeal for Support and Participation

Appeal for Support and Participation

This is a tremendous opportunity to reach out to a large number of people, and a big challenge too. We seek your support in funding for this initiative. Your contributions will go towards:

  1. One time Build up cost of a 2500 sq.ft knowledge and experience zone to raise consumer awareness about Safe Food at the event, which we plan to re-use and deploy at various locations across Pune and Maharashtra after the Bhimthadi event.
  2. To support the stalls, stay and food arrangements for safe food farmers and volunteers
  3. Media, videography and promotion for the event.
  4. Audio video arrangements at the event.

Your contribution will be 80G tax deductible.

Here are a few messages from our core team, associates and from Smt. Sunandatai Pawar, organiser of Bhimthadi Jatra:

You can also provide sponsorship from your organization / company in various forms at this event which is expected to see over 3 lakh attendees as part of the popular Bhimthadi Jatra. (scroll below for sponsorship options)

Buy Calendars

Annadata Safe Food Calendar

Annadata Safe food calendar is ready to be released at BHIMTHADI.
An innovative wall calendar based on HINDU Season based dates and complete list of DOs AND DON’ts of food eating as per the seasons.
This calendar will be a must have in each home

If you wish to gift this calendar to your friends and associates and employees request you to please pre-book the quantity needed with an advance payment of Rs 100/- each

If you need your company logo or personal message on the calendar pre printed – the minimum quantity is 300 nos. and order should reach us before 12 Dec

Make the coming year SAFE and HEALTHY …..

Send order on personal message to:

Bhushan Patil: +91 9850 000 313 Or

Seema:+91 9595 966 782

Annadata’s ‘ऋतुचर्या – a seasonal food calendar

Do you wear same set of clothes throughout the year?… why do we change clothes as per season?

Because that is what our bodily demands! Our body needs vary as per season…but then do we change our food as per season?

However we have lost track of seasonality of food…so here comes Annadata’s ‘ऋतुचर्या – a seasonal food calendar’. This is currently in Marathi language.

Sponsorship Options

1. Title Sponsorship – Rs. 15 Lakhs
This option brings the opportunity to be part of the Title, e.g. ‘ABC Annadata Organic Food Festival’ (where ABC is the Title Sponsor’s brand name)
In addition to this, there will be numerous possibilities for enhancing brand visibility through posters and banners, promotional literature, media content on all radio, audio-visual, print and social media.

2. Sponsorship of the ‘Annadata Safe food Exhibition Zone’ – Rs. 7.5 Lakhs
This option is for specific sponsorship of the ‘Annadata Safe Food Exhibition Zone’. This will be a prime attraction of the AOFF, and every visitor will pass through it mandatorily by design. It will be a zone of amazing information, fascinating insights and hands-on experiences that drive home the theme of ‘Safe Food’ and leave the visitor enlightened.

3. Sponsorship of the ‘Annadata Safe Food Calendar’ – Rs. 5 Lakhs
Here is an opportunity to be co-branded with the unique ‘Safe Food Calendar’ 2018. This calendar will enter thousands of homes and stay there for the entire year, offering assured widespread brand-visibility for the sponsor. It will be a high quality, aesthetically superior product, which will bring out twelve important aspects of the ‘Safe Food’ theme over the next year.

4. Sponsorship of the ‘Annadata Safe Food Guide’ – Rs. 3 Lakhs
The ‘Safe Food Guide’ will be a simple poster made on thick, durable card paper, with attractive printing. It will provide crucial guidance to the citizen for making wise choices and ensuring demand for safe food in every home. This product will have the potential to remain visible indefinitely, even beyond one year, since there is no time factor attached with it. It therefore has long duration brand-visibility.

5. Sponsorship of ‘Annadata Fliers’ for bulk distribution – Rs. 1 Lakh
We propose to distribute Annadata Fliers to at least 2 lakh school children across Pune who will be asked to simply go home and give it to their mothers. This way we create awareness about Safe Food and invite more people to the event itself. These fliers can also be co-branded.

6. Advertisement in ‘Vanarai’ Magazine – Rs. 8000 Full page, Rs.5000 Half page
The Vanarai magazine is the monthly publication of the illustrious Pune-based NGO ‘Vanarai’, which is also a key participant of the Annadata Organizing committee. It has an exclusive readership comprising of all MPs, MLAs, Collectors and other senior officials across the state. The issue for the month would be a special ‘Safe Food’ edition.

Get in Touch
Please directly contact our team on:
Sadanad Pendse : +91-9423 001619,

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We look forward to your support and partnership in this mission!

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